Autentico Esterno

This revolutionary exterior paint will add a beautiful appearance to your surfaces and keep them protected and looking their best for years to come.

Esterno Chalk Paint is water repellent and hard wearing with self-cleaning capacities. Autentico uses a combination of unique properties to create a paint that will ensure your walls retain their characteristic appearance and receive a long-lasting barrier against all weather extremes.

Facts about Esterno Chalk Paint

  • vapour permeability
  • water repellent / hydrophobic – excellent durability as the rain cannot penetrate the paint or your walls although moisture can escape if necessary
  • self-cleaning capacities / natural attenuation
  • the combination of these properties and use of microscopic hairs (mixed in the paint) keeps moisture from outside penetrating the surface, but allows the walls to breath
  • even with repeated treatments in the future, this vapour permeable paint retains its special properties
  • Esterno is available in all of Autentico’s distinctive colours and can be used for outside painting on brickwork and plaster to give a distinctive ultra-matte chalky finish, whilst offering the versatility to be used on most outside furniture surfaces or woodwork of any kind
  • 5L and 10L buckets
Esterno Chalk Paint