About Chalk Paint


Welcome to the fantastic world of chalk paints, chalky wall paints and lime paints.

Autentico’s chalk paints and lime paints are water-based, free of solvents and other harmful additives (VOC low).

With a more than 140 gorgeous colours to choose from, Autentico offers a comprehensive colour palette so that there is no need to mix colours yourself. No risk of running out of your chosen colour half way through your masterpiece!

Autentico have devised a range of paints to suit different surfaces and to create different finishes.

AUTENTICO VINTAGE, is superb chalk paint for furniture. This decorative chalk paint is easy to work with and manipulate, and therefore ideal for distressing furniture. No extensive preparation is needed and it sticks to almost any surface. Read more…

AUTENTICO VELVET, is a chalk paint which gives a harder wearing finish – it is superb on walls, kitchen cabinets, table tops and more. Read more…

AUTENTICO VENICE, is a pure lime paint for the creation of stunning paint effects on interior walls. Also, if you want to achieve the real aged French look on furniture, it can give you just that effect. Read more…

AUTENTICO ESTERNO is a revolutionary exterior chalk paint, which will add a beautiful appearance to your surfaces and keep them protected and looking their best for years to come. Read more…

Product Specification and Painting Tips Sheets

Colour Palette

These colours represent the colour palette, however it’s best to pop into the shop to view the actual colour sample chart. Sample colours in 100ml containers are available for £5.95. A price list for all Autentica products can be viewed here or on the Online Shop.